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Post kickstarter
so i'm seriously considering proposing a project on to help raise money for a serious movie project coming up. has anybody had any experience with this? i know it worked our really well for jay. please, share some stories lol

Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:43 am

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I've used Kickstarter for a film project I've been working on for the past two years. ( ... g?ref=live) I would only recommend it if you are absolutely certain you have a network of people who are willing to contribute to your project. I was unsuccessful.

May I recommend IndieGoGo. It is similar to Kickstarter only you can log on through Facebook, backers can pay through Amazon Payments, Paypal, or personal credit card, and even if you do not reach your goal you still get a percentage of the money! When I saw that my Kickstarter project was certainly not going to reach its goal I started a new project on IndieGoGo. I cut my fundraising goal in half and exceeded it! (

Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:05 am
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I'd like to say we got lucky and the timing was good. We put up a 70 day time limit to give us the maximum amount of time to market it. It was a good number for us because we didn't keep it up there too long, but didn't make it too short, so people had enough time to look at it and decide. To make our base goal in 13 days was a complete surprise. Sunny thought we wouldn't be able to hit our goal at all. But I was sure that we would make it in the last second. So we were both totally shocked. The thing I believe that helped us a lot was our audience following, the project in question, and the rewards.

It really does help to have a following. We gained most of our money from people who watched our movies for years and the new ones who were fans of Battle Hero Absolute. We had about 53 backers and less than half of them were our friends and family. With me and Sunny's combined personal friends and extended families, it would have been possible to complete our goal without the help of our audience. But most of them were not even willing to give us a dollar, some of them were our close friends. So it is imperative to have a steady following.

With the project itself, I made it apparent that we were working on several short films and not one movie. All of them sequels and a webseries. That helped us because people were already familiar with the characters, the actors, and the world we established in each film. Plus all of them were just plain fun movies that made people smile and they wanted to see all three series continue. It's different with a single film I'm sure. I noticed a lot of shorts or features that were successful in Kickstarter had a compelling story to tell even though they did not have a fan base. Also, most of them were documentaries about some important local or world issue, a group of people, or individuals. A lot of successful projects, film or otherwise, I noticed had really fun pitches and great rewards, which helped them out a lot. I even backed a dozen projects which I thought were fun.

The rewards are an attractive feature of Kickstarter. The most offered rewards were credits in the film, DVD copies of the finished project, posters, and t-shirts. I wanted to add something unique to that, so I decided as a joke to myself that I would give away props, one of the first Battle Hero armors, and one of our popular girls' bandit mask that she wore in one of the Heart Shot movies. All of these items would be signed by us. I listed those on several of the higher donation levels just to see if anyone would back it. Sure enough, they did. I got a message from one of the backer saying that the reason why he did it was he thought the rewards were awesome and that he loved Battle Hero Absolute. That's where content and a fan following comes in. People are willing to support projects they like and want to see succeed and they want to take home memorabilia signed by the performers they enjoy watching. So because of that, I learned not to sell myself short as a filmmaker and an actor. But I think I offered too much, cause now I have to pay for multiple waves of shipping for 47 people, some out of the US. Good thing we exceeded our goal amount and I saved enough to cover that.

Because of that fan loyalty and the rewards we were to give out, we were able to nearly double our goal amount.

RaySquirrel's recommendation sounds like a better idea since you'll still get a percentage of the money if you don't reach your goal. I don't know what percentage of the donations they keep as Kickstarter take 5%, plus Amazon Payments take a small fee as well.


Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:42 am
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