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YO dudes and girls !!!
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Author:  Eletrico [ Fri Mar 07, 2014 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  YO dudes and girls !!!

Hello my name is Triantafyllos , i am from greece , turning 27 at May . I do capoeira the last 4 years , did also Tang Soo Do(similar with TKD) a couple of years when i was 17-18 and played 2 years of basketball at 14-16. Lately due to large unemployment in Greece-combined with the fact that im reaching my 30's and i have lust to do something that matters and satisfies me-i though about chasing a career either as a stuntman or a martial arts performer.I know im bit old for that stuff and that im not the best trained person for the job but still considering about it.

Since i introduced myself i have to ask right away?Is it possible(all things are i know ,power of will/follow your dreams etc.) for someone like me?
The next 2 years i plan to start heavier training in acrobatics no matter my chances,the thing i want to know is if it is worth jobwise...I mean i wont stop training capoeira(became my pashion ,my life)which can land a job to commercials ,shows or something but what stunting requires more staff.I guess i have 2-3 years that my body would endure heavier(more proffesional workouts)without great fatigue.So if 30's are my only chance i want to know what to pick up except acrobatics and capoeira.If theres an opportunity to work from 30's to 40's as stuntman and then luckily become a stuntman director/coordinator i could pick up parkour or something for the following 3 years.Something like an extra study degree i could say.
I want your ideas and points and be sincere.I know and believe that all dreams can come true,but i need to know my chances at least.

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